IAPC - l'Institut d'administration publique

United Nations
United Nations Development Program
World Bank
International Monetary Fund
Inter-American Development Bank
United Nations Public Administration Network (UNPAN)

Asian Development Bank
African Development Bank
OECD:Public Governance and Management
OECD: Public Governance and Territorial Development Directorate

International Institute of Administrative Sciences (IIAS)
International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance

United States of America

The White House
Search Congress
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
Federal Agencies
U.S. Department of Labor
General Accounting Office

Association for Public Policy Analysis and Administration
American Society for Public Administration
Foundation for Performance Measurement
Brookings Institution
American Enterprise Institute
Cato Institute
Centre for Democracy and Technology
Centre for Economic and Policy Research
Centre for Policy Alternatives
The European Institute
Reason Public Policy Institute
Hudson Institute
Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy
The Loka Institute
The National Centre for Public Policy Research
Progressive Policy Institute
Public Administration and Management: An Interactive Journal
Institute of Public Administration

Latin America and the Caribbean
Caribbean Centre for Development Administration
Latin American Center for Development Administration
Colegio Nacional De Ciencias Políticas Y. Administración Pública
Economic Commission for Latin America and Caribbean
Caribbean Community Secretariat
Guatemala: Instituto National de Administracion Publica (INAP)


Prime Minister of France

Official Documentation and Information from Norway

Federal Authorities of the Swiss Confederation

European Political Science Network
European Union
Group for South East Europe Reconstruction
European Group of Public Administration
European Institute of Public Administration
The European Policy Centre
European Public Administration Network
Cicero Foundation

Slovakia:Institute of Public Affairs
Romania:Romanian Institute of Public Administrative Sciences

Malaysia: National Institute of Public Administration

Korea:The Korea Institute of Public Administration

Indian Institute of Public Administration
Centre for Policy Research

Hong Kong Public Administration Association
Hong Kong Policy Research Institute Ltd.

Philippines: Eastern Regional Organization for Public Administration

Institute for International Policy Studies
Prime Minister of Japan

Saudi Arabia:Institute of Public Administration

African Union
European Union Parliamentary Support Programme - South Africa
Morocco: African Training and Research Centre in Administration for Development


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